What Are Nootropics?

You probably have heard (or may not have heard) about nootropics before. For some people, it is a completely new thing while for some others, well…..they know a bit about it. If you want to boost your memory, brain performance, focus, and concentration, you will turn to nootropics. They are often considered as the brain supplements or even called as the smart drugs. But are they safe? Will they give you a bad side effect afterward?

Understanding More about Nootropics

Although it is referred to as the smart drugs, it doesn’t mean that they are the magical pills that can give you an instant genius or IQ.

Nootropics are a certain class of nutraceuticals and drugs that are able to improve your brain performance and mental clarity, as well as enhancing the brain function and memory usage. When you are able to consume the right item (remember that they are coming in a different variant and type), you can enjoy the desired effects, which include learning capacity, working memory, improved attention, enhanced recall, and motivation.

In order to function well, nootropics should have the requirements of certain aspects to be considered safe. They should be able to improve memory and learning, they should have a low level of toxicity, they should show neuroprotective effect, and they should have (almost) zero side effects.  
The word itself comes from the Greek words, nous (meaning the mind) and root tropo (meaning change). So, the nootropics are basically referring to the substances or drugs that can change the mind in a certain way.

The Basic Usage of Nootropics

Nootropics are generally used by people who need to have a boost for their focus, concentration, and learning. They are mostly consumed by students who want to be able to study and perform better at school. It is pretty common for the nootropics to be consumed by business people, scholars, doctors, teachers, and so much more. As long as you need to improve your memory and focus to be able to do several things altogether, and you need to have an improved ability to handle the tough task, the nootropics can help.


In most cases, the presence of side effects is pretty rare – almost nothing. In the general case, side effects may happen only during the introduction to the usage, when the body is making adjustments to the nootropics. It is also possible to suffer from side effects when you consume bigger dosage – bigger than you should have or bigger than your usual dosage. But so far, there has been zero dangerous side effects and the most common effects are insomnia, fatigue, headache, and anxiety – nothing more serious than that.

But then again, you need to realize that different people will have different reactions to the substance. Some people may develop a mild tolerance while the others may be sensitive to the drugs. If you want to be on the safer side, it is better to consult your doctor and get their professional opinion. After all, you want to get an improved performance and ability, not a constant health issue, right?

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