The Different Types of Nootropics How can I benefit?

There are reasons why nootropics are becoming more and more popular these days; especially when related to their ability to improve your brain and focus. Yes, nootropics are also called as the smart drugs or the brain supplement for a reason. When you consume one, you will have a better function brain with improved focus and concentration.


Nootropics and Their Definition

Nootropics are basically the types of drugs that can improve mental clarity and also brain functionality. In most cases, the improved abilities include learning capacity, motivation, memory, attention, and recall. The name nootropics are coming from the Greek words, nous (meaning mind) and tropo (meaning change). When combined together, the meaning is the substances that are able to change the mind in a certain way.


Nootropics must fulfill some of the basic requirements to function as a brain enhancer. They should have low toxicity level. They should have zero side effects. They should be able to protect the brain. They should be able to improve the brain’s function and performance. And since nootropics are mostly used and taken by students, teachers, doctors, business people, and athletes, you can be sure that they are pretty safe – well, most of them are.


Different Types of Nootropics

Here are some common types of nootropics available out there:

  • Alpha GPC. This is a  natural compound that can actually be found inside the brain cells. It is beneficial to improve thinking skills, learning, comprehension, and memory.
  • L-Theanine. Not many people know that this water soluble compound is found in green tea. Besides being able to improve cognition, it also has a good calming effect. When you want to enjoy the maximum effect, you can always combine it with the caffeine – another nootropic. It is the most common and also most effective combination.
  • Phosphatidylserine (PS). Not only it will protect the brain, it will also combat any cognitive decline.
  • Guarana. When compared to the caffeine, it is 5 times stronger and more potent. It works by activating the nervous system, muscles, and also the heart. It will improve physical endurance, eliminate fatigue, and activate alertness and mood.


Some of the nootropics are derived from plant-based substances, such as the Lion’s Mane mushroom. Most of these nootropics are able to improve the neurons development and connections. Not to mention that they are also good for the brain cell maintenance and structures. Most of them have good antioxidant traits and they naturally have good cognitive and memory ability.


The Side Effects

Although most of the nootropics are safe and free from side effects, you need to remember that different people have different body mechanism and response. Just because your friend is okay when consuming the caffeine, for instance, it doesn’t mean that it is also good for you.
Side effects, however, are quite rare – and if there are, they are pretty low and minimum. In most cases, side effects are happening during the adjustment period or when you take bigger dosage than the usual. If you are careful or your body is strong, these side effects may not happen at all.

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