Compared to stimulants such as caffeine nootropics are considered very popular these days because of their ability to improve your brain functionality, including learning, memory, and performance. Such a brain supplement (or some say as the smart drugs) is often consumed by people in general because they believe that the supplements can be handy. The safest nootropics are the ones with minimum (almost zero) side effects, low toxicity level, and high brain improvement and functionality.


Stimulants vs Nootropics

Do nootropics sound similar to the stimulants? What are the differences? First of all, stimulants will directly affect the dopamine level in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for the good-time or energized feeling. However, once the effect wears out, your brain will suffer from the side effects, such as nervousness, jittery, and anxiety. Stimulants may be able to deliver a higher hit and response but they will also likely give you the side effects.


Unlike the stimulants, on the other hand, the nootropics are working in a different mechanism. Nootropics deliver more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to the brain area while targeting the dopamine at the same time. But unlike the stimulants, the nootropics are activating the brains through the regular and natural ways. Once the effect wears out, you don’t have to worry about any side effects. Jittery, nervousness, or anxiety may not be present – but you still need to have it under control.


It is safe to say that nootropics are basically safer and more natural than the stimulants but you still need to consider the side effects. Those who are sensitive to the substances may have hard times adjusting and they may suffer from the side effects during the adjustment period. But once the body developed its own tolerance to the substance, you should be fine. Remember that taking the bigger dosage than usual will also increase your chances of suffering from the side effects.

Side effects may be rare but they are still possible. The most common effects are headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness.

More Facts about Nootropics

There are several types of nootropics that are pretty common in our daily lives. Caffeine is one of them. Guarana is also a type of nootropics although others consider it as a stimulant; not a supplement. Synthetic nootropics are possible and they do exist in our daily lives. Are they safe? Pretty much so as long as you follow the directions of usage. Natural and herbal nootropics are also available and they are considered safer for some people. You may be surprised to know that licorice, yerba mater, bacopa monnieri, grape seed extract, or fish oil are included as nootropics.
You can also create your own nootropics stack which means that you can combine one substance with another one to achieve an effective result. For instance, you can combine L-Theanine with caffeine to improve the wanted efficiency and result. There are more compounds that you can try so the possibility and options are quite limitless. Don’t forget to note down the effect so you know which stack is good for you and which one is dangerous.

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